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Bundle K12

Seasoned entrepreneur and recent Y Combinator grad Adam Pearson hired us to spec out and build his startup's marketplace concept, "Bundle," as an enterprise web app for school districts. We designed and tested clickable prototypes for his concept, then built his web app, and now are helping to onboard customers while continuing to iterate on new and refined features.

Built For Life

Solopreneur Andrew Riposta—a nutritionist from Fort Lauderdale—came to us to talk about transitioning his consulting business into a digital operation. We helped him refine his digital concept, created wireframes and visual designs for his product, built his web/mobile app, and now are coaching him on raising capital and managing a scalable business.

Grade Correlation

Grade Correlations is a tool for administrators to evaluate the performance of teachers and illuminate the effectiveness of the grading process as it relates to mastery of the standards.

Resolute Marine

Resolute Marine Energy is a Boston startup whose technology harnesses wave energy for power generation, and transports seawater to on-shore desalination facilities.

RME uses the power of the ocean to produce drinkable water and electricity.